Wegovy, Saxenda, Mounjaro and Other Weight Loss Drugs

Wegovy. Mounjaro. Ozempic. Saxenda. The recent boom in new weight loss medications known as GLP-1 drugs bring a new excitement to those looking to lose weight. Are these new drugs effective? Are they safe? Are they the miracle cure that so many have been hoping for?

Advantages of Weight Loss Medication Use

Effective Weight Loss
Weight loss medications can help individuals achieve significant weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. These medications work by suppressing appetite, reducing cravings, and increasing feelings of fullness, which can help individuals eat less and make healthier food choices.
Improved Outcomes
Losing weight can lead to improved health outcomes, including reduced risk of developing conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Weight loss medications can also help improve blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation, which can contribute to better overall health.
Plateau Breaking
Individuals who are trying to lose weight may reach a plateau where they stop losing weight, despite sticking to their diet and exercise routine. Weight loss medications can help individuals break through these plateaus and continue to lose weight at a steady pace.
For some individuals, weight loss medications may provide a more convenient option than traditional diet and exercise. They can be helpful for individuals who struggle with food cravings or portion control and who may find it difficult to stick to a strict diet.
Seeing quick and consistent weight loss can be a motivating factor for individuals to continue their weight loss journey. Weight loss medications can provide a sense of accomplishment and keep individuals motivated to reach their weight loss goals.

How Weight Loss Medications Fit Into Our Program

Medical Monitoring
Our doctors will monitor you in order to address any side effects that weight loss injectables can cause.
Ramp Down
We stage medication ramp-down periods so you don't become dependant on them.
A Holistic Program
We view weight loss medications and injectables as a tool, that can work alongside diet and lifestyle changes to aid weight loss efforts.

Watch Adrian's Story

It was a no-judgment zone.

When you are considered overweight or obese, and you go to a new place where you don't know anyone, you kind of wonder in the back of your head, 'Are they going to judge me?' . . . It was always a learning and nurturing environment, where if you 'mess up,' you're okay, you're amongst friends, we can all learn from each other."

Watch Sarah's Story

I was constantly worried about eating...yet eating.

It was so liberating to not be controlled by food anymore. Then I lost the weight and knew there was no way I wanted to go back to that again.

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