Our programs are designed to help you lose weight and keep it off.
Our in-clinic Keep-It-Off program is a revolutionary medical approach to weight loss that will help you take control of your weight like never before.


Reach your goal weight in record time
Clinic visits once every two weeks
Covered by many insurance providers
Keto-based tasty meal replacements
Feel better and look great! A proven path to medical weight-loss, delivered completely online.


Mobile app provides accountability in the palm of your hand
Smart scale automatically syncs your weight to our mobile app
Never feel alone through our Keep-It-Off community
Telehealth appointments for safe and HIPAA compliant support the entire way!

Keep It Off Results

10000 +
total patients served
350000 + lbs.
combined total weight loss
of all of our patients served
96 %
of patients would recommend us to their friends and family

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Dr. John Hernried

Board-Certified Internal Medicine
Sacramento Magazine β€œTop 200 Doctors”
Diploma from American Board of Obesity Medicine
Solano Magazine Top Doctors in Weight Management
Fellow in American College of Physicians
Davis Enterprise β€œTop Doctors”

Our Expertise

Here at Keep It Off, we believe that being overweight is a complex, chronic medical problem that requires a medical solution. That's why we have refined our solution for over 30 years to bring together the most clinically informed and compassionate care possible. As someone who has struggled with his own weight, our medical director Dr. John Hernried knows how hopeless the weight-loss journey can feel. That's why he has dedicated his life to designing permanent weight-loss solutions.


01. How long will the program take?
The length of program is dependent on a few variables, including how much weight you want to lose, age, and gender. Most patients lose 2-3 lbs. per week or more, depending on gender and age. Once you've met your weight loss goal, we also continue to offer our support with services in weight maintenance.
02. What if I have complicated health issues?
All of our patients see our experienced medical providers weekly or every two weeks to ensure they are healthy. You'll also have regularly reviewed lab work and EKGs to ensure your safety. We also provide 24 hour on-call medical and behavioral support for our patients.
03. How much does the program cost?
We are in-network with most major PPO plans. If you have insurance, please feel free to submit your insurance information, and our Patient Services Coordinators will be able to check for coverage and benefits. If we're not in-network with your insurance, we can discuss our discounted cash rates.
04. What happens if I don't see results?
Sometimes a patient's weight loss can stall due to water retention or fluctuation. Eating off-plan can slow or stall weight loss, as well. It's important to note that this is often only a temporary occurrence. Our medical and behavioral health team will work closely with you to keep you motivated and on-track to ensure you see results. In the rare event that there are issues impacting weight loss that cannot be resolved, you can transition off the diet into a maintenance class or take a leave of absence and return at a later date.
05. Why can't I just do the Keto Diet on my own?
Medical supervision is needed for safety reasons whenever you are severely limiting calories and carbohydrates. Regular lab work and EKGs are done to ensure your health. Many patients want and need more support in order to stick with a new diet or food plan. They also want and need support in maintaining a lower weight body once they have lost weight, which is why we have maintenance programs.
06. Is the Low Calorie Keto Diet safe?
Yes, as long as it's medically monitored. Our practice has been utilizing this tool for fast, lasting weight loss for decades with high levels of safety and success.

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