New Direction

A customized weight-loss plan with accountability, clinical care, and unprecedented results.

What is New Direction?

Our New Direction program was created for people who have tried and failed to lose weight in the past. Based on our scientifically proven framework, you'll meet with our medical staff every week, and we'll guide you to your goal weight. Our meal replacements consisting of soups, shakes, bars and puddings help greatly reduce caloric intake and kickstart your body into a weight-loss zone. With a system to follow, you won't have to worry about meal planning, complex exercises, or feeling alone.

How New Direction Works

Begin Your Weekly Clinic Visits
Our team’s passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. Each week, you’ll meet with our highly trained team to measure your results, adjust your weight loss plan and discuss any questions you may have.
You Change Your Mindset About Food
Not only will you reach your goal weight in record time, you'll also form new habits that will help you maintain your incredible results. With a new mindset and a new body, you'll feel like a new person!
Keep It Off With Accountability and Community
Once you've reached your goal weight, join our "Keep it Off" community and maintain the momentum you've established. Attend exclusive classes, check in with our team, and get access to the newest meal replacements.

CLASSES — Journey through weight loss with others like you

IN-PERSON SUPPORT — Work face-to-face with trusted health educators

COMMUNITY — Never feel alone through our Keep It Off community

MEAL REPLACEMENTS — Nutritionally complete—and tasty—meal replacements

MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS — Safe and HIPAA compliant support the entire way!

Why Choose New Direction?

Accountability and kindness. These are the two critical ingredients needed to lose weight. Too often, we punish ourselves and pull away from the very people who are trying to help us on our journey. With our New Direction program, we'll make sure you have the right people in your corner for the entire process. Together, we can help you get the body you've always dreamed of and help you develop life long habits to keep the weight off.

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Watch Adrian's Story

It was a no-judgment zone.

When you are considered overweight or obese, and you go to a new place where you don't know anyone, you kind of wonder in the back of your head, 'Are they going to judge me?' . . . It was always a learning and nurturing environment, where if you 'mess up,' you're okay, you're amongst friends, we can all learn from each other."

Insurance may cover your program costs.

We know that cost can be a barrier to reaching your goals. That's why we have partnered with many of the leading insurance companies to offer our program at a deeply discounted rate. Check to see if your insurance is accepted. Once you've been qualified, we'll get a meeting scheduled quickly so you can start seeing results.

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