Without Intentions You’ll Find Yourself Drifting Away

Without Intentions You’ll Find Yourself Drifting Away

On Sunday morning, I relaxed while listening to a podcast I chose because it was specifically non-work related. A phrase came up that really spoke to me. I found myself replaying the podcast so I could hear again what I thought I had heard. It was something along the lines of “Without intentions you’ll find yourself drifting away.”

In weight maintenance we talk about drifting. We call it being untethered. It’s a feeling like we are on a sailboat drifting out at sea. The waves seem to be increasing, skies are darkening, and we can’t quite see the horizon. Uncertain where we are headed and in need of assistance, this feeling is really uncomfortable. We’re in need of a lifeline.

The Tethering of Weight Maintenance

To be tethered in weight maintenance is belonging to a community on a shared pathway using skills that move us forward–towards sustainability of our healthy lifestyles.

In weight maintenance classes, we may be like a fleet of sailboats. Day-to-day, we are charting our own course, but each week for a small amount of time, we join together to share our insights for the week, set intentions to navigate us forward, and laugh with one another when we hear, “Well, that didn’t work!” We often talk about hitting the virtual GPS button to recalculate our route. It never fails, in each class, a nugget of information is shared that can help us set sail again for another week, giving us the feeling of being tethered and slightly more secure in our weight management journey.

If you’re finding yourself drifting away, think about what kind of support will tether you. Set intentions to guide you forward on your path.

“Without intentions you’ll find yourself drifting away.”

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