What Stands in the Way of You Reaching Your Goal?

What Stands in the Way of You Reaching Your Goal?

I want to run a marathon, but I don’t consider myself an athlete, runner or someone that enjoys running.

I’m picturing myself and my goal, which I envision is waiting for me on the other side of an epic rock formation the size of El Capitan! I’m no rock climber and I’m a little squeamish about the idea of hanging on a rope a long way off the ground. I need a goal that starts smaller, say a 3-foot boulder.

Setting goals is often the easy part. The challenge is how to implement daily behavior changes in a given timeframe to achieve those goals.

To have long-term success in maintenance, we are constantly setting goals. When we run into maintenance fatigue, it’s often related to old behaviors that have snuck back into our lives. Common goals then become:

  • I want to stop nighttime eating
  • I want to exercise more
  • I want to sleep better

A solution to implementing behaviors is to set daily intentions.

  1. Write out the goal you want to achieve.
  2. Set a one month time frame.
  3. List all the habits you’ll need to accomplish on a daily basis to reach that goal.
  4. Track your consistency of completing these daily habits. A habit tracker works really well as a visual cue to see what you are consistently doing and what habits are being left unchecked.

Consistency in daily habits are skills associated with expert maintainers. So break your monumental goals down from mountains into boulders or into stepping stones. Set a time frame. Practice behaviors daily. Notice if the practice of being consistent has a greater effect on your overall health.

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