Welcome to your Ultra-Marathon

Welcome to your Ultra-Marathon

You are an expert dieter. You’ve lost your weight and are ready to conquer the world. You drive off into the sunset feeling good about your progress, so you stop feeling the need to protect the habits you’ve built. You start neglecting your health and weight loss journey again. Eventually, you’re back to square one. Does this sound familiar?

That may have been your old story and honestly, you wouldn’t be alone. This time though, you plan to do something different because reaching your weight loss goal is not the finish line. It’s the starting line to the rest of your life. Your ultra-marathon.

Our experience and research tell us, the “eat-less-move-more” idea, alone, is no guarantee against weight regain. So when you move into our weight maintenance program you will put into practice skills to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that you can manage well, long-term.  You will have weekly expert coaching and the support of your peers.

Sounds lovely and easy right? But we’re human. Life will get in the way. Our brains will try to convince us that this is too much to commit to, it’s too hard. It may just be easier to go back to our old behaviors. Remember your old story? Learning new maintenance skills, practicing them, and recognizing what works for you will become routine—in timeRoutines will lead to consistent behaviors. Behaviors free us to believe that we can do this… most of the time.

You will often hear us ask, “Why is this (working on your weight management goals) so important to you?”  Identifying your “why” allows you to attach your goals to your personal values. Again, with practice we start to recognize how our thoughts influence our feelings and decision making. We notice if these decisions put us on the path we want to go towards or if they send us away in the opposite direction.

Habit formation and awareness of our changing behaviors play a crucial role in protecting our  health goals and lifestyles, so it is critical to change your identity from “Expert Dieter” to “Expert Maintainer”. Rather than starting from scratch again, you identify your warning signs and you continue to respond sooner rather than later.

Remember, this is not a sprint; this is your ultra-marathon.

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