Weight Loss Is Not One Size Fits All

Weight Loss Is Not One Size Fits All

So you decided it’s finally time to take control of your health.  Great!  This is a huge step in the right direction.  You throw out the tempting food, start drinking more water and even commit to some light exercise.  You, my friend are killing it!  Weeks go by and you start noticing your weight dropping.  Clothes start fitting better.  Mentally you feel more focused.  Your energy level is better.  You’re getting the hang of this!  You feel confident and that you’re on the right track after all.  Then, out of nowhere, you get a curveball.  You eat off plan, have a few drinks, whatever it is, you definitely overindulge.  The next time you weigh in, you’re up the few pounds you’ve lost.  You’re back to square one after working so hard.  You wonder why you even bothered in the first place.  “That’s it,” you say.  “This diet is over.”

Does this sound familiar?  Often times we are not a patient’s first choice for weight loss.  They’ve tried losing weight on their own.  They’ve done the Pinterest thing, meal prepped and set the best of intentions. They’ve tried other programs before coming to us for help.

What Makes Our Approach to Weight Loss Different?

The answer is YOU.  Our program is not a one size fits all.  We understand that life happens and we know each patient has a different journey.  We’re not going to let setbacks keep you from our shared goal of losing weight and keeping it off to live a healthy life.  We’re not going to scold you if you have a cheat day.  We’re not going to think you failed if your weight loss is slower than anticipated.  We exist because you trusted us to help you on this health journey.  We create personalized treatment plans and we monitor your care to make sure the plan is working for you.  Our program matches you with medical professionals who create a plan specific to your needs.  Our dietitians teach you about nutrition in a way that doesn’t feel too scientific or confusing.  Our classes give you support and teach you healthy habits you can use long after you’ve met your weight loss goal.  Let’s be real, one size fits all never really works.  You deserve something custom.  Interested in learning more?  Reach out to us and get started on your health journey today!

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