Using Check-ins to Stay Focused on your Weight Loss Journey

Using Check-ins to Stay Focused on your Weight Loss Journey

Daily check-ins can help you stay focused and promote your best self-care whether you are in weight loss or weight management.

What do daily check-ins look like?

  • Consistent time and place
  • Create a fun ritual like meditative music or lighting a candle
  • Ask yourself three questions:
  1. How am I feeling? (Are my feelings intense or overwhelming?  Do I need to talk to someone, vent, or journal to process them?)
  2. What do I want?  (What would enhance my life at this moment or on this day?  Ex: spending time with my pet, reading an inspirational quote, taking a short walk, having some extra meal packets.)
  3. What do I need today? (Ex: be kind to myself, ask for support, plan some alone time, have some social time with my friends.)

If you struggle with daily check-ins, try linking this process to an established habit.  This will make it easier to remember and soon it will be automatic.  If doing this every day feels like too much, choose one day a week and start there!

Daily check-ins give you the opportunity to closely evaluate your journey and how you are doing. Give them a try and see just how quickly they can impact your self-care during your weight loss journey. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your provider or behavioral health educator about how you can best implement daily check-ins. They can offer you some additional ideas and perspectives that you may have not considered before!

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