Too Busy to Focus on Weight Loss?

Too Busy to Focus on Weight Loss?

At The Hernried Center, we have patients from all walks of life. We have patients who are nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, stay-at-home parents, state employees, etc. Each patient has different personal and work schedules as well as different obligations that take chunks of time out of their day. We assist patients in how to work the program into their busy schedules. For patients whose schedules do not allow the time to prepare meals, they greatly appreciate the option in which they are able to enjoy meal replacements throughout the entirety of the program. For the patients who want to continue practicing their culinary skills, they may choose the option where they may prepare one meal and have meal replacements for their other meals of the day.

A mandatory and integral piece of the program is the weekly behavior class that is available via Zoom and at our clinic locations. There are many class options for patients to choose from that provide patients weekly support from our behavior educators. Our goal is to help patients be as successful as possible with reaching their weight loss and health goals. The weekly behavior classes allow patients to take a break from their daily schedules and focus on themselves and their weekly progress.  They reflect on their previous eating habits, and work on how they will keep the weight off after they complete our weight loss program. During these class times, patients may ask nutrition-related questions, become inspired with different ideas on how to modify their daily habits into more beneficial ones, and receive ongoing support from their behaviorist and fellow classmates.

Another required part of the program are the medical monitoring appointments that allow patients to safely continue the ketogenic very low-calorie (VLCD) diet. These appointments are available during morning, afternoon, and evening hours to provide each patient the flexibility to choose the medical monitoring appointment that fits his or her busy schedule. Just in case patients forget to ask an urgent question during class or at the medical appointment, we also have a 24-hour support line where patients may reach one of our medical providers or behaviorists during off hours.

No matter what your current schedule looks like, the flexibility and continuous support of our program can help you reconnect to the reasons why you want to shed the pounds and help you on your way to a healthier you!

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