The Use of Meal Replacements for Weight Loss

The Use of Meal Replacements for Weight Loss

The thought of losing weight with the use of meal replacement supplements can be daunting. I like to remind my patients that this is but a short period in their lifetime and a very effective way to reach their goal weight. After starting the weight loss program patients are very surprised with how much they actually enjoy the meal replacements and find them very convenient. More often than not, my patients will continue using at least one of our meal replacements daily even long after reaching their goal weight. 

Benefits of meal replacements for weight loss include:


Our patients love how quick and easy it is to make one of our shakes, soups, or puddings. The bars are also very convenient to take on the go. Patients often tell me that it is nice to take a break from “thinking about food or cooking.“ This allows them to focus solely on their weight loss journey and health. Later on in the program patients will be given the tools and support to re-introduce food back into their lives.

They taste good!

Over the years meal replacements have gotten a bad reputation for tasting horrible or bland. I can honestly say these are the best meal replacements I have personally ever tasted and many of my patients feel the same. We also offer a large variety to help avoid diet fatigue and boredom.

Perfect nutritional balance and satiating

Each meal replacement is approximately 200 calories with a whopping 27 grams of protein and only 10 grams of carbohydrates. You get the perfect amount of each macronutrient while keeping the overall calories low. Our meal replacements are also very satisfying and I rarely hear patients complain of hunger which is a common fear of new patients.

Easy way to increase water intake

The meal replacements that are in the form of pudding’s, soups, and shakes require the use of water. This is a very easy way to increase one’s daily water intake. 

While the exclusive use of meal replacements long-term is not realistic or recommended, they can be extremely useful and safe for short term use for the purpose of weight loss. Significant weight loss can bring on many challenges and the use of meal replacements can eliminate many of the common issues. 

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