The Relationship Between Your Job and Your Weight

The Relationship Between Your Job and Your Weight

Think about how much time you spend in the workplace. Our work environment plays a major role with not only our weight but it can also impact our overall health. A study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jenny Craig in 2019 revealed some significant correlations between work and a person’s struggle with weight. The average American office worker reports a weight gain of 12 pounds while working at their desk job and nine in ten who gained weight while working an office job identify their job as the primary reason for their weight gain and unhealthy habits.  According to the study, nearly seven in ten (68 percent) people that were polled said they practice unhealthy habits at their job and 65 percent of them believe that their job is the biggest reason why they struggle with their weight.

The survey identified the top five reasons why Americans gain weight due to work. The survey found that the most common unhealthy habit of office workers is mindlessly snacking at their desk (51 percent), closely followed by sitting at a desk for hours on end (48 percent). Another cited unhealthy habit was opting for take-out or fast food after work due to time constraints and feeling too exhausted to cook at the end of the day. The average American orders take out 5 times a week so this is a major culprit for weight gain for many people.

The survey also found that 41 percent reported that they feel too tired to exercise after work. Survey responders (39 percent) cited peer pressure to go out to eat or participate in happy hour events as a work-related reason for weight gain. Other reasons for work-related weight gain mentioned included being too tired/busy to prepare and bring healthy food from home, access to cake for coworker’s birthdays, working long hours/shifts, high stress, and a co-worker/customer/vendor bringing in unhealthy food.

The survey also asked what potential solutions were for work-related weight gain and here were the top responses:

  1. Having access to healthy, pre-made meals
  2. Work-sponsored work-out activities/gym access
  3. Have a more flexible schedule/hours
  4. Ability to work remotely
  5. Employer providing other desk options (such as standing desks)
  6. Employer/employees stopped bringing in/providing food
  7. Less work travel
  8. Less of a commute

With so many people reporting their job as a primary reason for weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle it is more critical than ever for companies to be aware that their employees need healthier conditions. Access to easy, effective, and healthy nutritional supplements was listed as the top response from employees as a potential solution for weight gain and this can be achieved with a program like Keep It Off.

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