The Importance of Weight Maintenance

The Importance of Weight Maintenance

Most diets can help you lose weight if followed correctly. Weight maintenance however, is complicated and there is a high probability of regain if not approached correctly. One danger is treating the weight goal as a finish line. Once that line is crossed, one may consider themselves “done”, a mindset that sets the stage for regain. The hard truth is that the effort required to maintain new habits never ends. Benjamin Franklin said it best: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Neglecting to prepare for weight maintenance can majorly play against you in the long run. In focusing so heavily on losing the weight, some never think twice about what it will take to keep it off.

What most diet programs lack is ongoing support and accountability during weight maintenance. The Hernried Center not only offers medical and behavioral support during weight loss but also during the maintenance portion. Most people will regain their weight within the first 1-2 years post weight loss so this is a very crucial timeframe. At the Hernried Center patients have the option to attend maintenance classes as well as periodic private medical visits.

Benefits of weight maintenance classes

  • Ongoing support from a behaviorist as well as classmates
  • Comradery with classmates
  • Ongoing accountability
  • A wealth of education regarding common weight maintenance topics/challenges

Benefits of weight maintenance private medical visits

  • Continued monitoring of weight related health conditions
  • Pharmacological therapy if indicated
  • Education from a medical perspective regarding weight maintenance
  • Referral for specialists or medical tests if indicated
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