Overcoming the All or Nothing Mentality In Weight Loss

Overcoming the All or Nothing Mentality In Weight Loss

You’re all packed up and finally on the road.  You’re ready for a beautiful weekend in the mountains.  The first hour of travel is a breeze and you’re not too far from your destination.  All of a sudden you hear the dreaded thud of your tires.  You pull over and just as suspected, you have a flat.  So what do you do now, just live on the side of the road?  Of course not!  That would be the strangest way to handle a little setback on your journey.

Don’t Let a Setback Derail You

Changing your lifestyle might not be as quick as switching a tire out, but keeping yourself stuck in the same rut isn’t doing you any favors either.  Often times on our weight loss journey, we set huge goals, swear off certain foods and have an all or nothing mentality.  Then we quit the minute we find ourself struggling to meet our own expectations.  We park ourselves in a permanent state of defeat, embarrassment and frustration instead of acknowledging that setbacks happen.  Not only do they happen, but they’re ok!

People get flat tires all the time.  They don’t just live on the side of the road because their car had a bit of trouble.  They put a spare on or call a tow truck to get them out if they’re really stuck.  We’re here to help you in every stage of your journey to a healthy life, from the first call to learn about our program to the weight loss phase and even after you’ve met your weight loss goal.  Whether you’re in our program or just thinking about it, know that you’re never stuck.  Setbacks happen.  Keep heading towards your destination.

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