How is Keep It Off Different from Other Weight Loss Programs?

How is Keep It Off Different from Other Weight Loss Programs?

When people ask me “What makes the Hernried Center Keep-It-Off program different than all the other popular weight loss program out there?” the EASIEST and simplest way for me to explain it in one sentence is: “Most programs focus solely on calorie restriction and this program uses medical-grade meal replacements that allows for not only CALORIE manipulation, but also CARBOHYDRATE manipulation.” This allows a person to achieve the metabolic state of “nutritional ketosis” and certainly makes caloric restrictions far more tolerable. Amazing side effects of being in ketosis, in addition to weight loss, include decreased hunger (better appetite control), less inflammation, and reduced cravings. 

Although these side-effects are not instantaneous and it takes the body a few days to “adjust” to a plan like this, we can look forward to achieving all the above benefits. I’d be willing to bet that the majority are going to be willing to endure a week’s worth of that “adjustment” period if it means reaping all the perks of the program. Appetite control alone is enough reason to keep carb intake low when the “light at the end of the tunnel” is within reach.

Most Calorie Restriction-only plans leave people hungry all day long and having to rely on willpower, which is often short-lived and fizzles out. 

Carbohydrate-restrictive” diets (i.e., keto) alone are very high calorie/high fat, which of course, does not work for all when the goal is weight loss (some calorie restriction is required).

The fact that our program successfully pulls on two levers (calories/carbs) at the same time is really what sets Keep It Off apart from all other weight loss programs.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of trusting our process and not “cheating” the diet at the risk of going over on calories or carbs and thereby knocking your body out of ketosis. Once people get a feel for what our program can provide (obvious weight loss and less sugar/carb cravings with time), patients tend to find enough motivation to stay the course because they see that the process provides your brain and body with countless internal and external benefits.

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