Flying When On A Weight Loss Program

Flying When On A Weight Loss Program

Travel, especially when it requires flying, may feel daunting when on the weight loss program!  Here are some travel tips to help you on your way!

7 Tips for Flying While On a Weight Loss Program

  1. Always bring extra meal replacements in your bag/purse or carry on, you never know if you will get stuck somewhere and airports don’t often have the best food options.
  2. Meal replacement bars may be more convenient to use when on the plane. We also offer meal replacements that are pre-bottled.
  3. Take a large empty water bottle through security and fill up at a water refill station after you pass security. Sacramento airport now has these in the terminals as do many other airports. That way you don’t have to spend $10 on a bottle of water or rely on the flight attendant to keep filling you up.
  4. Remember your sodium replacement! You don’t want a headache or other related symptoms while traveling. If using bouillon, you can ask the flight attendant for hot water and/or can often get it from a coffee shop at the airport.
  5. Remember to pack all of your supplies – people often pack up everything but leave their meal replacements, magnesium, and bouillon on the table!
  6. If you plan to have a meal at an airport, it is suggested to look at what restaurants are in your terminal ahead of time for feasible options. If there are no good options, use meal replacement  can be a great option to turn to instead.
  7. Get a medical travel letter to travel with your meal replacements. Most do not have issues traveling with meal replacements, but it is nice to have this letter of explanation, just in case. You can pack your meal replacements in ZipLock baggies to prevent a mess in case a package gets torn during travel.

We know many people actively travel in their personal life or for work needs, but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to maintain your diet and stay on the program. It’s easy to find excuses for why you fell off due to trips, but making a conscious effort to be ready is critical if you want to make sure you’re maintaining your diet. Use some of these tips so you can be prepared, too!

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