Benefits of Weekly Behavior Classes in Weight Loss

Benefits of Weekly Behavior Classes in Weight Loss

Why does The Hernried Center require that patients participate in weekly behavior classes? Weight loss can be easy for some individuals, but keeping the weight off after reaching their goal weight is difficult for many.

Weekly behavior classes provide patients with assistance in making healthy modifications to daily habits.

Some of these healthy modifications may include measuring foods to help patients be mindful of portion sizes, ensuring that they are consuming enough protein to help with satiety, and increasing water intake for proper hydration. Another important habit is to increase the amount of produce that is included in their diets along with “eating the rainbow” to obtain the appropriate amounts of micronutrients from whole foods. Other topics discussed delve into practicing mindfulness in daily activities, the importance of physical activity in weight maintenance, and how to manage social situations surrounding food.

By slowly incorporating these modifications daily, in addition to the recommendations and useful information provided in the classes, patients can gradually make these habits their own, which can contribute to living a healthy lifestyle after completion of the program. Many patients have reported greatly appreciating the weekly classes because the classes help keep them accountable and on track to reach and maintain their weight loss goals.

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