Keep It Off

We deeply regret to inform you that after 40 years of dedicated service, we are permanently closing our doors. While this marks the end of an era, our commitment to supporting you remains unwavering through our online store. Here's a guide to assist you during this transition:

  • If you've been following a 600 cal/day VLCD, begin Step A with 800 calories/day.
  • For those accustomed to an 800 cal/day VLCD, transition to Step A with 1,000 cal/day.
  • And if you've been maintaining a 1,000 cal/day diet, start Step A with 1,200 cal/day.

As you journey towards your goal weight, it's crucial to gradually increase your daily calorie intake by approximately 200 calories/day for 1-2 weeks. Monitor your average weekly weight fluctuations closely during this period. If your weight remains stable within a range of 1-2 lbs., you can consider further increasing your daily caloric intake. This gradual adjustment helps revitalize your metabolism by providing your body with the necessary fuel.

Keep a close eye on your average weekly weight as you slowly increase your calorie intake over time. If you notice a consistent upward trend in weight without subsequent decreases, you may have reached your maximum calorie threshold. Remember, factors such as increased muscle mass or enhanced exercise routines can influence this threshold.

By methodically adjusting your calorie intake and monitoring your body's response, you can effectively manage your weight and optimize your metabolism for sustained success. If you have program specific questions, please email them to and we will respond as we are able.

We thank you for your loyalty over the past four decades and wish you continued health and wellness on your journey ahead.

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